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Cillia’s Journey: Cosmetologist Extrodinhair Review

Cillia’s Journey: Cosmetologist Extrodinhair by Stefan Angelina McElvain is an erotic sci-fi novel.This is a fantastic and fun mash up between some smoking hot erotic content, a fun, quirky contemporary cosmetology business, and a dash of interstellar adventure.I will have to say that this was my first dabble into this sub-genre, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.I was delighted to find a fun, sexy romp that had the right blend of action (wink, wink) and adventure.

The story focuses on Cilla, a Cosmetologist in Beverly Hills who decides to strike it out on her own as an independent businesswoman.She’s smart, confident but is also a little nervous about her new business venture.When she gets her very first client, she finds out that there are other “perks” to her clients. Sexy scenes ensue.Then, she gets recruited to be a cosmetologist for a client a little more…extraterrestrial, and a whole adventure begins.

This was an incredibly fun read.Cilla is awesome, and the book is a quick p…

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